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Our commitment is to provide detailed results of high resolution and quality. This has been achieved thanks to the innovation of SPECT/CT hybrid modality.

SPECT/CT system combined a dual-head gamma camera and an integrated x-ray transmission system mounted on the same gantry (equipment). SPECT/CT combines the anatomic details seen in CT images with functional information from single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) nuclear imaging by acquiring both sets of images on the same scanner.

SPECT/CT is useful in selected cases where there is a need for precise localization, for example, in regions with complex anatomy, such as in the abdomen, and in the head and neck. In addition, the CT data can be used to correct for attenuation inherent in the SPECT data, in some cases providing a more accurate rendering of the radioisotope distribution.

SPECT/CT is primary used in oncologic applications (gallium scan, octreoscan, bone scan) but can be applied to a broad range of nuclear medicine procedures such as parathyroid scan, liver hemangioma, bone scan for lytic lesions vs blastic lessions, renal scan , among others.

Bone SPECT/CT      Parathyroid SPECT/CT        Gallium SPECT/CT    Octreoscan SPECT/CT

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